About Us

Ar-Dent Dental Clinic was founded by Dr. Ata Anıl & Dr. Rana Anıl in 1987. Ata Anıl and Rana Anıl, whose mother was dentist as well, started their career by establishing a clinic following their graduation from Istanbul University.

Prof. Dr. Ata Anıl started his career at the Department of Periodontology at Istanbul University, and continued at the Department of Implantology in Frankfurt Mainz University and Istanbul University as an associate professor. He is currently a Lecturer at Berlin University and Mainz Dentist Chamber, Germany with respect to the branch of implantology.

Prof.Dr.Ata Anıl has more than 30 scientific publications, 6 of which have been translated to German.

He has been the founding member of Esthetic Dentistry Academy Foundation which was established approximately 20 years ago and was the President of such foundation for many years.

Dr.Rana Anıl after her graduation from Istanbul University, she continued her education at Giessen and Mainz University in Germany and practiced at the clinics of the most prominent 2 professors of Germany. Following her return to Turkey, she has focused on esthetic dentistry at the clinic.

Dr.Rana Anıl continues her clinic practice by executing joint projects with her colleagues who have international reputation with respect to their practice areas and by patient cases.

Ar-Dent Dental Clinic provides services to its patients with an expert dentist team headed by Prof.Dr.Ata Anıl and Dr.Rana Anıl with respect to implantology, esthetic dentistry, surgery, orthodontics, endodontics, peridontology, denture etc.